About us

Vlaamse Sportfederatie vzw (VSF) is the recognized umbrella organisation of the sports federations in Flanders (Belgium). VSF supports, informs and represents more than 75 sports federations, their approx. 19.000 clubs and over 1,4 million club members.

VSF has 7 thematic focuses: sports policy, support to the governance of the member federations, sports for all, elite sport, volunteering in sport, sports and ethics, sports and health, support to sports clubs management.

You will find on our website an overview of our member organisations and our staff members.

For more information, please contact:

General and Legal Director – Geraldine Mattens - geraldine@vlaamsesportfederatie.be
Sports Director – Sophie Cools - sophie@vlaamsesportfederatie.be
EU-related matters – Philippe De Witte - philippe.dewitte@eusportlink.be

Vlaamse Sportfederatie vzw

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Phone: + 32 (0)9 243 12 90